Our Crew

BTBD is a full-service production company.

We’re currently working on a feature-length documentary.

Our team handles everything from pre-production to post-production.
What sets us apart from others in our field is our wide variety of skill sets and backgrounds.

Directors & Producers


Brian Sullivan

Brian is a timelapse enthusiast, cinematographer & post production specialist. Despite his love for all things technical, he loves being right in the middle of the action. His work has been featured in the Philadelphia Flower Show, among other places. In his free time, he loves the outdoors– He has completed two cross-country trips across the United States, with two more trips planned for 2017.

Brian’s work in the Fire Service started in 2012 when members of the Roslyn Fire Company in Abington, PA took him under their wing as a photographer to cover incidents and showcase Montgomery County’s finest.

His incident coverage expanded to neighboring counties and municipalities, and in early 2015, he released a 9-minute short film about “what it’s like to be a firefighter”.

In that time, he learned one thing: Firefighting isn’t always about the fire. It’s as much about the brotherhood and the culture behind the fire station doors, as it is training for “the next big one”. Encompassing an entire way of life in 9 minutes is an incredibly different film altogether, and simply cannot tell the ins-and-outs of the fire service in such a small timeframe.

• • •


Harrison Kendall

Harrison Kendall has been creating since day one. It might be the infamous fitted hat that he wears regularly, but no one really knows. Consider the hat one-third of his creative passion, and the other two-thirds are his drive to consistently find different ways of making things happen.

This is attributed to being a gritty native of Philadelphia where the sun doesn’t always shine, and the sports teams cause more headaches than high fives. Coming from the unfavorable city allows him to dream big, and tirelessly strive to bring change to the world through compelling visuals and telling people’s stories.


• • •


Unit Production Manager

Max Matez

Max Matez is a Philadelphia-born Producer/Director. Raised by a large theatre-active family, his long time dream is to work for Walt Disney Studios. Max’s future plans include pursuing a Master’s in Entertainment Arts Management in NYC.

• • •


Camera & Sound Operators


Director of Photography

Sean MacIntosh

Sean MacIntosh is an accomplished cinematographer, editor, & director from Philadelphia. Sean has held an editing position at Zap Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA and has since returned to Philadelphia and worked at History Making Productions.

• • •


Production Sound

Andre Burton

Andre loves movies and film, like most everyone else on this page. He is sarcastic (in case you couldn’t tell) and is doing the production design, along with production sound, for Brian’s film. He also is an exceptional boom op, mostly due to his extreme arm strength (from rock climbing).

• • •


Tim Watson

Tim has always enjoyed watching movies and TV and began working to create his own in high school. He also loves to see what the world has to offer and has been to Central and South America. Tim has lived out in Los Angeles, working on Hollywood sets, and is now back in Philadelphia, trying to create a name for himself by building lasting relationships with everyone he meets.

• • •


Post Production Supervisor

Justin Allison

Justin Allison is an editor/assistant editor from Baltimore, MD. He has worked on a number of short films as well as local broadcast television at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He has worked as a post-production intern at Trailer Park (a trailer editing house and ad agency in Hollywood) and held a position as a development intern at Voltage Pictures, a film finance and distribution company in Beverly Hills. Justin also knows pretty much everything there is to know about Pixar Animation Studios. Seriously, don’t underestimate his deep knowledge of Pixar trivia. He also loves drinking coffee and listening to podcasts.

• • •

Story Editor

Rachel Tinkelman

• • •

Lead Editor

Sean Higgins

• • •


Music, Sound, and Color

Production Sound & Post Sound

Sergio Galeano

Sergio Galeano has had his hands in the Film and Television industry since he was licensed to drive. Raised in Palm Beach, Florida, he brought his broadcast production experience to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2014. From camera operation for local wrestling broadcasts to live show technical directing for concerts and ceremonies, Sergio came up north to focus on his passion for all things production audio. With his background in non-fictional broadcast journalism, and a documentarian himself, he joined the BTBD team to work on a real story once more.

• • •


Original Score

Marcus Warner

Marcus Warner is a British music composer who, at the age of 19, has already written an extensive variety of music for trailers, movie productions and online broadcasts. He is currently studying a film music degree at university and has just recently released his third public album, Oceans.

His work was featured in Brian’s award-winning 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show “BEAUTY” video.

Marcus’ website can be found at http://marcuswarnermusic.com/.

• • •



Post Production Assistants

Post Production Assistant

Blessing Omaiye

Blessing Omaiye is one of the newest members at Behind the Bay Doors. Originally from North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Blessing has always been interested in film making. However, she did not start creating short films until high school. What she lacks in experience she makes up for with hard work, a can-do attitude, and a multitude of puns. With her musical background, she hopes to work on production sound.

• • •

Post Production Assistant

Gwyn Cutler

Gwyn Cutler is a sophomore at Drexel University from Abington, PA.
She is mainly interested in all things post production and aspires to be an Editor.

• • •

Post Production Assistant

Graham Kimmel

Graham Kimmel is an aspiring artist of sorts.  He dabbles in music, film, writing, and fashion designing.  He one day hopes to reach his maximum potential and have his art and expression seen across the world.  For now, Graham studies at Drexel University and is growing evermore fascinated with directing.  Film is one of his many passions that he can’t help but to pursue, and he is happily, as well as proudly, working BTBD.


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